About Us

1927 - Founded

In 1927 Ettore Maggi founded in Milan the company that still bears his name. Ettore was a well know craftsman, in artistry and engraving, who used these skills to establish the company in the manufacture of Religious and Advertising Medals with the ambition to excel in the production of highest-quality.



At the beginning of 1940 manufacturing techniques allowed the production of high volume, high quality products which enabled the company, also thanks to Ettore's wife Maria Colombo, to expand to international markets and export in Europe and in USA.

Meantime Ettore manufactured also the first token in aluminum with a hole for Milano transports (Azienda Trasporti Milanese, ATM)


1960/1970 – Second generation

In the 60s, his son Aldo Maggi had left his passion for racing cars to devote himself exclusively to the family business, deciding to transform the production of the cold press molds (iron, brass, aluminum, sterling silver and gold) from manual to automatic system and starting also the production in die-cast molds favouring industrial manufacture for large quantities of medals in common metals.

In the 70s new techniques were introduced and a range of patented products developed to cater for the new business areas.

At the time, Bianca Biagioni, Aldo's wife, began to grow and consolidate the company's position in world markets.

New products are continuously being developed by the company, and in addition to the coin handling, other machines are produced including Change machines and Automatic Dispensers.



In the 90s, to support the increase in the worldwide's business market, Maggi established a company first in United Kingdom Maggi & Maggi UK Ltd, and afterwards in Spain, France, Germany, Hungary and others European countries.

During more than 90 years we produced thousands of subjects and now we have a large number of dies, in different shapes and dimensions. We can make medals, crucifix, key-holders, pins and plaques of patron saints, shrines, religious subjects and events memorabilia among the most requested all over the world.

We also specialized in producing customized subjects based on drawings supplied by customers who often ask for additional subjects. Some of our products are also especially suitable to be used as base for resin decorations for articles made by other suppliers in different materials and shapes. Taking advantage of the newest technologies, we started some years ago to produce automatic dispensers to sell our medals or small souvenir. This way of distribution granted to increase sales for our customers.

In more than ninety years of activity, the name Maggi has spread around the world, keeping unchanged the original project.


2015 – Third generation

Now that the third generation represented by Barbara and Andrea Maggi, took control of the production, this historic company is ready for new challenges to spread the true meaning of "Made in Italy" worldwide while keeping many of our original customers.

Lately we have introduced a new website where you can view our catalog of religious products and directly request quotes through the site.

Thanks to visit our site medals.maggicontrols.com and have fun!